Administrative Complex

The administrative complex houses the offices of senior officers and the supporting staff. The offices are well furnished and equipped with latest office automation gadgets.


Officers Mess

History of Gazetted Officers Mess

The century old building was constructed by British as a guest house for officers and engineers who constructed railway and road bridges on Sutlej river. In the year 1891 it was converted as Gazetted Officers Mess of Police Training School which was located in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort.The GOs Mess is one of the most significant assets of Punjab Police Academy.It is a repository of a rich tradition and is an important institution for inculcating and developing manners and etiquette among the trainee police officers. The mess arrangements for officer trainees and staff members are being made by this Academy.

Features of G.O. Mess

This mess is run on contribution and on no profit no loss basis. This mess provides facilities for billiards, volleyball ground and badminton ground. The GO officers can avail these facilities. This mess has  6 rooms in 'A' Block with  A.C. and Cable TV for DIG and above  rank officers, and 20 rooms in 'B' Block for DSPs, SPs and GO trainees. This mess has one air conditioned  Drawing room and one air conditioned Dining Hall.

Bhagwan Singh Danewalia Information Technology Block

In the present scenario  the crime is  increasing day by day and also new modus operandi has  developed. The Criminals use  latest techniques like Cyber Crime.The Criminals use the latest techniques and it is a big challenge for a police officer to investigate such crimes. An officer who  is investigating these types of crimes must be trained  technically and also should have new focus & mentality .

The Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur is imparting  training in all new fields and is training the police officers in all types of investigations to be conducted for the purpose of IT Act (Information and Technology Act 2000).

The Information Technology Block

With a view to train police officers in the field of Cyber Crime or other crimes related to the computer technologies which are under I.T. Act a new Information Technology Block was Inaugurated on 9th March, 2009  by Sh. R.S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur in the presence of Sh. B.K. Garg, IPS, IGP-cum-Joint Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur.

Efforts are on to develop it to latest standards under the able guidance of Sh. R.S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, PPA, Phillaur.

Training on Information Technology/Cyber Crime

The Information & Technology Centre of Punjab Police Academy is giving two types of training. Firstly,  to the trainee officials/officers who are undergoing the Basic/Advance Courses at PPA and secondly  by running  specialised courses for GO’s/ NGO’s. All the computers are connected to Local Area Network. Internet facility is also available in the academy for students, trainees & staff members .


Electronic Cell

The Electronic Cell established in 1993 in order to ensure proper maintenance of electronics gadgets of the Academy. The Punjab Police Academy has grown tremendously during the recent years and it has been modernized through latest training aids and this cell has been assigned different important tasks for maintaining various electronics instruments.An Electronic lab is functioning in the academy which is equipped with all latest electronic test instruments. This cell is responsible for maintenance and operation of FATS (Fire Arms Training Simulators) which are situated in fully air conditioned and dust proof designed buildings.Besides, this various audio-visual training aids which are being used for various purposes in Academy, are being maintained, repaired and operated by the officials of this cell. This Cell has become an essential part of the academy and has contributed tremendously in modernization and smooth functioning of the institute.

Punjab Traffic Training Institute

Punjab Traffic Training Institute and Traffic Park

The traffic problem is not new. What is new about it is its growing magnitude and significance. The task of ensuring road safety is fast gaining momentum. Road Traffic safety involves three inseparable parts-mobility, risk and resources. The ideal solution is the lowest risk, maximum mobility and the lowest cost. Traffic Police personnel have great role to play in enhancing road safety through organised management and control with the modern traffic system and by inculcating positive road user behaviour by educational and publicity campaigns. Considering the traffic management and importance of role which the police have to play in city traffic administration, the academy has designed new curriculum and has developed a traffic training Centre based on legal and modern traffic systems. It has been developed for  officers of all ranks with a view not only to educate them in traffic management and engineering aspect but also to impart sound practical knowledge.

In this centre two courses for the traffic training have been introduced :-

  1. Elementary Traffic Course for HCs and Cts.
  2. Traffic Course for NGOs/GOs.

The Traffic Training Centre educates the trainees regarding -:

  • Importance of Traffic Police duties .
  • Mission and functions of traffic police.
  • Defining road traffic and related terms, road designs, intersections equipment.
  • Road safety rules for pedestrians, slow and fast moving traffic.
  • Traffic signals.
  • Traffic symbols.
  • Traffic signs.
  • Road Markings.
  • Road Traffic controlling equipment.

The centre also frames programmes of road safety activities to be carried out & carries out preparation of records.

Dog Training Centre


The security scenario in the country calls for employing diverse equipment and methods to provide adequate security to vulnerable places and persons. The loyalty and sniffing qualities of  a dog, combined with its ability to receive training and act according to the orders of the master, has given this animal a position of great importance in all security systems.

Experience and time have proven that a well-trained dog is the most reliable and efficient component of any security apparatus. However, there is a shortage of centres for training of dogs for security duties in our country. To fill this gap between demand and supply, the Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, has taken an initiative of setting up its own ‘Dog Breeding-cum-Training Centre’ since January,1999.It was formally inaugurated by the then DGP, Punjab, on 4th April, 2000. This Centre is situated on the campus of the Punjab Police Academy and is run by a team of highly trained and committed  dog-trainers.

The Centre specializes in training of dogs for various purposes related to security and general training of dogs of all breeds. Highly pedigreed dogs/pups of the champion/imported class are procured from German Shepherd, Labrador, Dalmatian and Doberman Pincher breeds and are trained at this Centre.

Photography Section

The Photo Section of Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur has been functioning since the British era in India. The first, two months Photography Course was introduced in November, 1938.  In 1941 the duration of course was extended to three months. During 1942-43 Single Digit Training was introduced in the photography course.

The Photo Section of PPA has been imparting Basic Training in Photography as well as Videography and includes subjects like Investigation, Scene of Crime, Scene of Accident, Finger Print, Foot Print, Document Photography, Photography of Accused, Photography of  Mob & Riots etc.

The police personnel of different ranks from the states of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Manipur, U.T. Chandigarh, Andaman & Nicobar alongwith Punjab and also from BSF and CISF have been coming to PPA, Phillaur for training in photography.

With  the revolution in technological advancement in the age of globalization, digital photography has been recently introduced in Photo Section for the training purposes. Under the able guidance of Sh. R. S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, PPA, Phillaur, a Photography Course for NGOs, Lady Head Constables and Lady Constables is also running since 2006.

Finger Print Bureau

The Indus Valley civilization had extensively used fingerprints embossed on clay tablets and seals. The use of fingerprints on seals clearly indicates their significance for identification purposes. Fingerprints alongwith palm prints known as ‘PANJA” were used for several centuries in Bengal. Shahjahan’s Royal hand seal on certain important document is ample testimony to the above fact. The history and development of fingerprint science as a means of identification of persons is really fascinating.  

The following are the pioneers of this natural science who made fingerprints an infallible  means of personal identification:- 

Dr. Henry Faulds, Sir William Hershel, Sir Francis Galton, Sir Edward Richard Henry, Khan Bahadur Aziz-Ul-Haq, Rai Bahadur Hem Chander Bose


The Finger Print Bureau, Phillaur, is the second oldest such Bureau in the country and has earned recognition and appreciation of the various police forces all over the Country and Courts, including the highest Courts of India. This reputation is virtually synonymous with its location i.e “Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur”. Since its inception (1894), the Bureau has maintained its status and  eminence as a perfect institution. This institution works as a crime detection agency of  the police force. The Bureau has major contribution to various agencies like Criminal Investigating Department, Vigilance Bureau and Crime Branch in linking the criminals with crime. The Punjab Finger Print Bureau, Phillaur, is also looking after the Finger Printing work and training of its affiliated states i.e Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and UT of Chandigarh.

Forensic Science Laboratory

Forensic Science is a very important tool in the hands of investigation agencies to detect and control the crime. Many advancements  in the forensic field like the DNA finger printing, Narco analysis test, Lie detection and brain finger printing or P-300 wave test are now commonly used in investigation and interrogation by law enforcements agencies.

Mini Forensic Science Laboratory(FSL) was established in Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur in 1990 to impart theoretical and practical training in the field of forensic science. It is headed by a senior scientific officer. The mini FSL, PPA has various kinds of instruments like projection microscope, stereo zoom microscope, electronic balance, UV ray cabinet, IR Rays, OHP, epiediascope all types of investigations kits and chamical to enhance the practical knowledge of trainees of various ranks.Mini FSL also provides training  to all mobile FSLs of all districts and ranges to handle the scene of crime.

A newly-constructed Sheikh Abdul Aziz Forensic Science Block was inaugurated by Sh. R.S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur on 19th May, 2006.

Ashwini Kumar Stadium

The Punjab Police Academy possesses a beautifully laid out stadium with standard 400 mtr track. The Ashwini Kumar Stadium is used for various athletic events of the Academy and can host around 3000 numbers of spectators. The Stadium is also used for the Republic Day and Independence Day functions and also for Passing Out Parades and other such big events.

The stadium in  its  present form was inaugurated  by  Sh. Ashwini Kumar, IGP (Retd.), Punjab, in the presence of  Sh. R.S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur on 22 December, 2006.

Around and nearby the stadium are  two basketball grounds, one hockey ground, two volleyball grounds, football grounds and two lawn tennis grounds which are regularly used for training and competitions.

State Firearms Bureau

The State Firearms Bureau is also functioning in Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur. It is situated near armoury of the Academy. It works under the Department of Home Affairs, Chandigarh, Punjab and is being looked after by Dy.Director(General), Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur.

The bureau handles and stores various prohibited and non-prohibited bore weapons. These weapons are deposited under the orders of the chief judicial magistrate concerned, after the case has been finally disposed off. The bureau is custodian of these weapons. These weapons may be later alloted to various persons as per orders of government at a price fixed by the government.









The Punjab Police Academy provides lodging facilities to its trainees in various hostels in the Academy. The hostels are well furnished and provide mess facility, besides all amenities to the trainees. There are 6 hostels in the Academy which cater to various categories of trainees. The hostels are:

1.   Sh. B.S. Dhaliwal Hostel

2.   Sh. Gurdial Singh Hostel

3.   Sh. Sant Parkash Singh Hostel

4.   Sh. K.P.S. Gill Hostel

5.   Ribeiro Hostel

6.   Kiran Bedi Hostel

Also there is a separate ‘B’ block for GO trainees in the GOs Mess.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Police Public School

Brief Introduction

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Police Public School, Phillaur, was founded in 1997 by Sh. Parkash Singh Badal, C.M., Punjab with the prime objective of providing excellent educational facilities and quality education to students in general, and to the wards of Punjab Police in particular. The school is run on the Public School lines and aims at excellence in every discipline of life.

At present it is a residential-cum-Day Boarding School and has all the infrastructure to grow into a full fledged residential school and qualify for the membership of the elite club of the Indian Public School Conference. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for the Secondary (X) and Senior Secondary (XII) Examinations and provides a wide range of choice of subject combinations in Science, Commerce and Art channels.

School Motto



The school campus is spread over a vast area of verdant splendor in the North-East side of the Punjab Police Academy and is located in the sylvan surroundings of natural beauty. The campus accommodates the Academic Block, Administrative Block, Sports complexes and gardens, in addition to the aesthetically designed main building.  An eco friendly environment has been created by developing mini bio-park pockets, lush green Golf courts, Swimming pool and Shooting ranges.  The school campus is free from pollution and is highly suitable for concentration and study without any disturbances and distractions.

Sports and Games

The school is  well-equipped to train students in basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, football, shooting, athletics, equestrian sports, golf and other indoor games. Highly talented, renowned and high achievers in their respective fields and coaches from the Punjab Police are deputed to coach the students with an aim to provide highly specialized and scientific training to the students.

School Activities

The school curriculum is broadly covered under the three heads viz. Academics, Sports games and Co-curricular activities.

For more details please contact :-

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Police Public School,

Punjab Police Academy , Phillaur.

Phone No : 01826-223029 (Office)