Director's Message

Ever since its inception in the year 1891 as Police Training School,  and  then  as Police Training College and now as Punjab  Police Academy, this premier institution has  always endeavoured to uphold a  rich  heritage of values and traditions for which it is known the world over.

We have always striven hard to uplift and improve the standards of the police training in many ways. The broad objective had always been to prepare police personnel to take on new challenges being confronted by them in the ever changing social scenario.

The ideals of bravery, effective and professional working and intellectually enhancing inputs to police personnel are some of the key features which have been given a renewed vigour to our police force which is known for its more than century old tradition of courage and values.

We are also trying our best to maintain and develop various features of this great institution situated in the historic fort of Maharaja Ranjit Singh so that it  continues to preserve its posterity for the present as well as future generations.

I am pleased to release this updated version of the Academy’s Website which I hope the viewers will find useful and interesting. We solicit healthy feedback from the viewers to further improve the content and style so that it can effectively reach out to wider audience who in turn may feel better informed and enhanced while surfing and interacting through it.

     Jai Hind.