Facilities at PPA

The Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur extends various facilities on its campus for its officers and others. The Ranjitgarh Golf Club, Ranjitgarh Rifle Club, besides, the swimming pool, the auditorium, the conferrence hall and gymnasium etc, are few of the world class facilities which are available to the officers and trainees.

Fire Arms Training Simulator

Fats (Fire Arms Training Simulator)

This is a much renowned police training institute in India and is committed to provide training of global standards to officials and officers undergoing various courses at this academy. In an effort to modernize the academy, a simulator, Fire Arms range was set up in year 1993.This is a costly and latest electronic weapon training simulator based on judgmental shooting. The Academy has the distinction of importing the sophisticated Fire Arm Training System from the USA. In this system various types of situations along with the display laser disc are projected on the screen on which trainees at a time can react to the situational scenario. It is an ideal system for sharpening the fire skill. Thousands of trainees of different police forces have been trained in this system. The System has become a symbol of pride for this prestigious institute. The VIP’s regularly visit this system while touring the Academy. The In-charge of the electronic cell has been entrusted with the duty for providing training to trainees of this institute on this training system.

Interactive Firearms Training Simulator

This simulator has been installed at the academy. The system is fully computerized and window based application with latest features like all small arms from Pistol to   LMG and direct fire weapons like Rocket launcher, up to eight simultaneous fires  (Networkable up to 32 Firers), video based scenarios, 3D CGI Based Scenarios, Realistic sound Simulation, Static Target  Applications, Moving  Target applications , Snap Target Applications, Grouping, Record and playback a training session, Extensive Individual and Team Report, Minimum System Requirements, Turnkey Solutions and comprehensive Support Package. Presently Trainees and officers are being imparted training of firing at this indoor firing range. This prestigious system has four lane training system, is air pressure operated and is based on laser technology thus resulting in less cost as compared to conventional ammunition and more effective too.



The G.A. Rundle Library of Punjab Police Academy was established as a reading room in the year 1899 and it was meant to be used by the officers only. Later, it was shifted to the old building in the Fort which was called Lal Patara and it remained there for 20 years.The said building was demolished after being declared unsafe and the library was shifted to the D block extension of Indoor Wing of PPA. 

In the year 2004 a new building for library was constructed by the Punjab Police Housing Corporation at a cost of  Rupees Fifty three  Lacs and eighty thousand. The Library's new building was inaugurated by Dr. G. S. Aujla, IPS, ADGP & the then Director, PPA Phillaur in March 24, 2004. It is equipped with all the modern facilities. It has a separate magazine section, reading hall for senior officers and a lot of places for the staff and the trainees.

There are around 40,240 books in the Library. Special emphasis has been laid on the books related to police working. It also has books on Social Sciences, literature, reference books for research purpose and a number of rare books and manuscripts.


In addition to about 40,240 books on various subjects, around 30 magazines and journals in different languages are also made available to readers on a monthly basis. Recently 92 new arrivals were added to the collection. On the demand of the officers and trainees new books/journals are also purchased from time to time. Separate accession registers are maintained in the record books.


Swimming Pool

The Academy has three swimming pools, one near the Ashwini Kumar Stadium and another in the Ranjitgarh Golf Club and  the newly built M.S. Bhullar Swimming pool near the GOs Mess on the old G.T. Road. This new swimming pool is of the dimensions 50 x 21 metres and meets the global standards.

Ranjitgarh Golf Club

The Ranjitgarh Golf Course, situated on the banks of the river Sutlej, was formally established in 1982 as a 9-Hole Course. This Golf Course is situated in a low-lying area, which was once a flood plain of the Sutlej. The original Course has been redesigned and re-laid and what we have today is a modern 9-Hole repeat Course. The Greens have been adjudged to be the best in this part of the country. Automatic pop-up sprinklers have been fitted in an underground network of irrigation pipes to ensure sufficient greenery on the Greens and the Fairways.

The Club House portrays a colonial structure and has a huge lounge, dining room and a terrace room, besides, Executive Lounge, Kitchen, Billiard Table, Card Room and the Bar.

There are also a Golf Practice Range and a modern Swimming Pool. At present, there are about 455 regular members of  the Club. The club is registered with IGU & also under the Co-operative Societies Act.


  1. A re-designed/re course with all the 9-new processed greens with new 18 tees has been developed under the expertise of Col. K.D. Bagga Golf Management Group. New Delhi  this was inaugurated by Sh. Sarabjit Singh, IPS, the then D.G.P. Punjab, on 27th Nov. 1999.
  2. Two new tube wells have been installed with entire underground water network and auto pop up Sprinkler system for all the greens & fairways.
  3. New gadgets and machines have been added for maintenance of greens & the course as such.
  4. A proper Bar has been established in the club house.
  5. A new swimming pool adjoining the club house has been constructed with auto filtration plant.
  6. A fort-cafe has been established for catering facilities to trainees, guests and others.
  7. A canteen  for  catering facility to Golf club Members.
  8. PCO with ISD/STD facilities.
  9. Modern shooting ranges adjoining the golf course to provide extra facilities to the willing members.
  10. New lawns, golf hut and parking areas.
  11. A new Basketball ground adjoining the Golf Club


Ranjitgarh Rifle Club

Ranjitgarh Rifle Club, Phillaur has been fully functional since 1996. It is registered and affiliated with the Punjab Rifle Shooting Association, which is further affiliated with the National Rifle Association of India.

The shooting ranges at the Ranjitgarh Rifle Club, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur are one of the best in India for their technical perfection, boarding and lodging arrangements, distance and also for the overall layout, ambience and vibrancy. These ranges are in high demand by the shooters from across India and also the National Rifle Association of India for the purpose of organizing various events.

Ranjitgarh Rifle Club is the only shooting club to host 2 National level Shooting  Coaching Camps for the Shooters of National Squad who were selected for international level competitions. It has also organised a large number of other shooting coaching camps, including 5 national level , 2 all India level, 2 North India, 2 Punjab State and  a large number of Distt. level  competitions  in a very short span of 10 years. 

Shooting Ranges

Sharpshooting skills are a must for the police personnel as it prepares them for various eventualities in their field duties. The Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur has got excellent shooting ranges to hone the shooting skills of its officers and trainees. Training is imparted by outdoor wing under the supervision of a Dy.SP. The training ranges from air weapons to non prohibited bore and the prohibited bore weapon fire training. Training is held for trainees of all ranks which include both recruits and GOs. This is usually a 9 month course and various weapons like air weapon, revolver, pistol, sten-carbine rifle and machine guns are taught to be handled during this course.


There are 5 ranges with the Punjab Police Academy  :- 

  1. 10 mtr range for air weapon (Sarabjit Singh Shooting Range).
  2. 25 mtr range for revolver and pistol.
  3. 50 mtr range for rifle and pistol (G.S. Bhullar Range).
  4. Trap and Skeet range for .12 bore rifle.
  5. Long range for rifle and machine gun.

The shooting ranges of  the Academy are regularly used by trainees, officers, civilians and also students from MRS Punjab Police School and also by various other schools and colleges.The Punjab Police Academy  has won 549 medals in all during various All-India Police Duty Meets and other competitions.



Punjab Police Academy Hospital, Phillaur, came  into  existence when the Police Training School was established in 1890 by the British in the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort.


The hospital is located on the outskirts of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort, near Golf club amidst the lush green outdoor grounds of the Academy. It is situated around 200 meters from the National Highway Number 1 on the Amritsar, Delhi route along the northern banks of Satluj River.

This Hospital was upgraded to 25 bedded Hospital in 1994.The Hospital has been established in the old British era building with high ceiling and verandahs all around. The OPD complex, stores, laboratory complex are situated separately from the main building of the hospital, which comprises wards, emergency, operation theatre and labour room etc.

The Infrastructure of the Hospital: Punjab Police Academy Hospital Phillaur is well equipped having the following facilities:-

a) Out Door Wing
b) Indoor Wing (Male & Female wards)
c) Radiology (X-Ray Plant)
d) Emergency Dept.
e) Biochemical laboratory
f ) Operation Theatre 
g) Labour Room
h) Dressing Room
i ) Physiotherapy Unit


Gymnasium Hall

The Academy has got a world class gymnasium hall called 'Avinder Singh Brar Gymnasium Hall' which is equipped with the latest gadgets and machines. Around 25 persons can avail the facilities of the gym at a time in 25 different types of exercise machines. The foundation stone of the gym was laid by Dr. G.S. Aujla, IPS, the then ADGP-cum-Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, on 6th September, 2004.

It was inaugurated by Sh. R.S. Gill, IPS, DGP-cum-Director, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, on 26 January, 2008. The gym is regularly used by officers, staff, trainees and also by police families, besides the students of MRS Punjab Police School.


The Punjab Police Academy has a modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 1400. It was built in 1986 during the tenure of Sh. Gurinder Singh Bhullar, IPS, the then DIG/Principal, PTC, Phillaur. The  auditorium is used for organising various educational and recreational programmes

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is considered one of the best forms of exercises due to its beneficial effect on every nerve and organ in the body. It is one of the most pleasant forms of outdoor recreation and contributes to a healthier body and mind. Many a great warriors were also known for their horses and a lot many famous wars were won on the strength of mounted force. Chetak of Maharana Partap and Leili of Maharaja Ranjit Singh were as famous as their masters were. The horses were always there in the romance, recreation and adventure of a man’s life since medieval times. In the battle fields, the splendour of knighthood, the triumph of peace and glamour of man’s leisure time such as huntings, polo contests, the show ring and racing, the horse has since centuries shared every moment of a man’s success.Owing to the importance of horses in the forces, the horse riding, training has always been the part of police training since the beginning of this Police Training School.


· To keep the force fit.

· To apprehend the criminals in the areas where other means of transport cannot help.

· To aid in the prevention measures of crime.

Residential Complexes

The Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, provides residential accommodation to its officers and staff and for this purpose has established residential colonies in the complex and around it. Presently, around 450 families are availing this housing facility. The A.S. Atwal colony on the Nawanshahr Road provides accommodation to GOs, NGOs, ORs and Class-IV officials.Also, another colony for Class-IV employees are being constructed across the railway line. 

The Ajit Singh Colony has quarters for NGOs. Also a large number of NGOs quarters are situated in complex itself. The residence of the DGP-cum-Director called the 'Inner Courtyard' is also situated inside the fort complex.Besides, residences of officers are also located in the complex

Conference Hall

The multipurpose conference hall is housed in the auditorium complex of the Academy. It  is fully air conditioned having seating capacity of around 80 Persons. The conference hall is equipped with all basic amenities to make it up to  global standards.  All important meetings, short term courses and seminars, etc. of G.O’s are generally organized here.

The facilities like Latest Audio Visual aids in which LCD, DLP projector, I PANNEL, OHP and slide projector are provided during lectures  for various courses. The latest audio conference system is also being employed for the purpose. A unique environment of international level has been provided in this recently renovated conference hall.

Besides, there are two other small conference halls, one in the K.S. Dhillon Higher Police Education Block and the other on the Roshan Lal Wadhwa Block.

Gurdwara Sahib

To cater to the religious needs of trainees and staff, a Gurdwara is located on the Academy premises. Gurdwara Ranjitgarh Sahib's present building was started being built by  the then Principal Police Training College (now PPA) Sh. Gurwinder Singh Bhullar, IPS, on 14-4-1991 on the auspicious day of Baisakhi. Sh. Surinder Nath, the then Governor Punjab, Sh. KPS Gill, IPS (Retd), the then DGP, Punjab, and Sh. G.S. Bhullar, IPS attended the prayer (Ardas) in  the holy precincts on July. 10, 1992. Various religious functions are organised here from time to time.  The staff, trainees of PPA and local populace takes part with enthusiasm and dedication in all these functions.


The Temple building was inaugurated on 10th July, 1992 by Sh. Surinder Nath, the then Governor of Punjab. Sh. K.P.S Gill, the then DGP of Punjab Sh. Gurinder Singh Bhullar, the then IG-cum-Principal of PTC Phillaur were also present on the occasion.

Every year, Shri Maha Shivratri and Shri Krishan Janam Ashtmi are celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm. Langar is also served during the festivals. The trainees and staff regularly visit the temple for prayers and religious functions. 

Baba Mazar
The fort enshrines  the mausoleum of a religious saint, fondly remembered as Pir Baba Abdullah Shah Ji, under one of its domes. He had made the supreme sacrifice of his life to uphold the human values of love and compassion

History of BABA MAZAR

THE  shrine of PIR ABDULLAH SHAH BAYABNI or PIR ABDULLAH SHAH of the wilderness is held in high esteem by all. The following legend is told regarding the shrine.

"When the present fort was being built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh on the site of the imperial Serai of Shah Jehan, the walls would mysteriously fall down at night and whatever progress was made by the day was  brought to naught at night. In order to placate the powers interfering with the work, the Maharaja was advised to offer as a sacrifice, a male belonging to the priestly class who should also be the only son of a widow. A Brahmin boy of Phillaur who fulfilled these conditions was presented  and was placed in an aperture in one of the walls in which he was to be bricked alive. The lamentations of his mother attracted the attention of PIR ABDULLAH SHAH BAYABANI who lived in the vicinity. On hearing the cause of the woman's grief he petitioned the Maharaja to accept him in the boy's place. He stated that the boy was just beginning his life, whereas his own life was nearly over and moreover  he also fulfilled the requisite conditions. The prayer was granted, the boy was released and PIR ABDULLAH SHAH was immured alive in the North-Eastern wall, after which the building of the fort  was successfully completed."

The officers, staff, trainees and the Pir's followers come from far and wide to pay their obeisance at the shrine. Elaborate arrangements have been made by the PPA, Philaur to facilitate the people who come to the shrine.